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Aug 26, 2003
I run a small forum for some friends and the local community. 32 members total. We have a couple of members who used to be together and one of these members like to bring shit up about their past in the forums.

Now it would be nice just to edit all their posts, moderate all their posts or ban them completely, but i'm looking for a way to resolve this without bans and the like.

The member who always cops the shit tried sending a privite message to the shit stirrer saying that it just needs to stop, but 'shit stirrer' just attacked every point she made.

So, these are big fucking forums, and i'm sure DLD has had to deal with the situation more than once. What would you guys do?
Mar 14, 2004
Got to have(or be) a impartial moderator, period.....
If it's just one, bite the bullet and hit ban


Its a marathon, not a sprint!
Jun 3, 2003
well I deal with shit in my job LOL aswell as here from time to time.
Best thing is, PM the trouble maker and have a chat in a direct firm but nice manner, so he/she gets the message and knows the score.
Edit the foul threads and also tell the community you edited the threads, but dont go on in the thread about the Penis EnlargementRSON who caused the trouble etc etc.
If he/she keeps pissing about, give a FINAL PM.
Be more firm this time.
If they insist than ban them, but this should be a LAST OPTION Unless they breach rules that insist on a one slam ban, such as what I have done here with spammers in the porn section.
Also, keep the other party upto date with what action has been taken so they can adapt to the changes.
It should boil over and calm down, fingers crossed.
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