Problem with wet jelq


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Oct 7, 2003
Greetings to all!!! l have a problem. l started my newbie routine last night (love it) and l was having some problems with the wet jelq . l dont like it. That whole milking thing is just uncomfortable to me. Now..................l dont have a problem with the regular jelq . ls there anything that l can substitue the wet jelq (milking) with. And another thing, lm having a problem with the last part of my pc session too. l do fast clenches throughout the day. A whole lot and l find it hard to do the clench and hold for five seconds and release. Last night, l could only do about 15 and l couldnt finnish. Can any of you guys help me out??? Thanks!!!


Sep 7, 2003
Dry jelqs are often substituted by those who don't want to have to mess with lube . Do a search on them and find out what you can. About the PC muscle, yours is just weak just keep working at it and soon you will be able to do more reps. Just throwing in my 0.2, hopefully someone else with more experience can enlighten you more.
Oct 5, 2003
I started a reasonable biggish thread a bit further down entitled Stealth Penis Enlargement. In it you will find instructions on how to do dry Jelqs etc. As for the PC muscle. Work at it. Similarly like your biceps, you can't be expected to be able to stem 80kg without having worked out heaps before. Keep at it and it will give way. I just started about a week ago and I can definately feel my erections getting harder and I can flex the muscle heaps harder

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