Principal allegedly ordered pupils to cheat


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Jun 3, 2003
Principal allegedly ordered pupils to cheat
WCVB-TV 5 Boston |
"A teacher at Eliot Elementary said the school's principal helped her fourth-grade class cheat on the test. To prove her charges, teacher Jennifer Day had her class write letters describing what happened as they took the test last month. Day said while she was giving the test to her class, Principal Antoinette Brady asked her to leave the room. When she returned, she said her students were confused and emotionally bewildered... One fourth-grader wrote, 'She said that are (sic) school had low performance and we need it to be higher. Mrs. Brady asked you to leave and then told us to go back and add to responses.' [Education Commissioner David Driscoll] said statewide there are several other open investigations into MCAS improprieties, and 17 investigations have found student cheating or faculty misconduct."