Princess Di fountain drained


Jun 3, 2003
Princess Di fountain drained
WDIV-TV 4 Detroit |
"Bad luck and apparent poor planning have thwarted the hopes behind the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain in London's Hyde Park. On Sunday, the circular moat lay drained of water behind a 7-foot-high link fence to keep people out... The $6.5 million fountain, opened in a grand ceremony by Queen Elizabeth II less than a month ago, was closed indefinitely after three people, including a child, slipped and injured themselves while wading in it. Environmental experts blamed the designers, claiming it should have been obvious that a granite moat combined with flowing fresh water would be a breeding ground for slippery algae. Culture Minister Tessa Jowell criticized some of the visitors to the memorial for dropping litter, including diapers, into the fountain and allowing their dogs into the water ."

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