Priest charged in sleepfucking molestion case


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Priest charged in sleepfucking molestion case
New York Daily News |
"A Pennsylvania priest who claimed he unknowingly engaged in 'sleeping sex' with a boy on an overnight trip to Manhattan was charged yesterday with abusing the teen, prosecutors said. Albert Liberatore, 40, of Lackawanna, Pa., allegedly sodomized the 17-year-old boy during a booze-fueled romp in a Greenwich Village hotel in 2002. The priest, who already faces indecent assault charges in Pennsylvania, apologized to the boy and his mother, saying he must have committed the sex assault during a semiconscious state similar to sleepwalking. But prosecutors are not buying the bizarre excuse and hit Liberatore with sodomy and sex assault charges... The boy and his mother agreed at first to keep quiet about the incident when Liberatore and another church official told them it would be 'un-Christian' to turn him in. But the boy decided to talk to cops after another boy came forward to accuse Liberatore of a similar incident in Pennsylvania."


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