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Feb 3, 2004
Hello - I am getting ready to ask the old MD for a free triel of some of these "performance enhancing" meds (V / C / L) - and I am curious if any of you have had problems with PRIAPISM ("terminal hardon), or know of someone who has, as a result of using these meds.

I know that the literature indicates a fairly low incidence, but when it is not being used for the "intended" purpose, and as a Penis Enlargement aid - does the risk increase?

Also, what is the reliability of these on-line places? Do they really sell the REAL STUFF? I don't want to squander $$$ on crap - I do that enough already.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


No offense intended but, have you missed all my viagra related threads? ;)

I use the stuff almost daily for girth work. I use 50mg about an hour before hand. It's the best Penis Enlargement aid I have found yet. More economical than most supplements too. If youre smart, and heed the warnings out there and take your health into consideration (are you on high blood pressure meds or have high blood pressure for example), you should be fine with using viagra.

I personally dont NEED the viagra for anything but girth work. I rarely use it for enhancing sex. Then again, I'm 25 and in great sexual and physical health. Penis Enlargement of course has a big role in the great sexual health part. I was ordering from: . They were very reliable until recently. Now, suddenly they have developed issues with their online pay system they were using. Supposedly it will be fixed soon. I have found another site that is almost as good $$ wise but, you have to order bigger quantities. Hopefully will be back up and running soon, they have the best deals I've seen on Generic Viagra which is the ONLY way to go in my book. Generic has the SAME active ingredient as the Pfizer stuff and is SOO MUCH cheaper.

I have a link to my alternative source for generic Viagra in my signature. I just ordered 100, 100 mg pills from them for $120. That is a great deal compared to the $300+ a month you might pay for "the real stuff". I'll SPLIT those 100mg pills into halves and end up with 200, 50mg pills ...which even if I took one every day...I'd still have almost a 7 MONTH supply for that $120. Try that with the Pfizer stuff or any "natural" supplement. LOL.

Oh, and the only 'side effect' I see is a little nasal congestion. I'd suggest starting with approximately 25mg in one day and see how that works for youre erections. If you feel you may benefit from a little more, up it to 50mg. Most guys I have turned onto this stuff though, get great results like I do, with 50mg.

Another benefit of ordering online is that many of these sites are very competitive with the just have to look for the deals. Not only that, but neither of these two sites requires a "consultation" or, "consultation fees", or any other sili stuff like that. \
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