Pregnant bunny punched to death


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Pregnant bunny punched to death |
"An 18-year-old UVic student has been charged with animal cruelty after a pregnant rabbit was punched to death at the university in February... A male student was walking near the Emily Carr residence building, just off Ring Road near the Student Union Building, just before midnight on Feb. 6 when he saw two other males just off the path. One man held a rabbit to the ground, punching it repeatedly, Coghill said. The witness yelled out to them and they exchanged words. The two men left and went to a dorm building. The witness called the SPCA, who took the rabbit to the Elk Lake Veterinary Clinic. The grey female rabbit, which weighed 2.5 kilograms and was near-term in its pregnancy, died soon after."

Fucking sickos!!!
If there's one thing that gets me really riled up, it's cruelty to animals. Especially small, innocent defenseless animals like rabbits!
If I had walked in on them doing that, I would've proceeded to punch both of their monkey asses to death!

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