Power Assist and Newbies


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Jun 8, 2003
I thought I would start this thread for those who are newbie ’s and are thinking of getting a power assist that may have questions about exercises that I have.

First off I was wondering would it be better for a person with a high LOT (approx 10-11o'clock) to do an extremely low angle. For example would the down&out stretch be more beneficial than the power assisted A stretch .

The reasoning for asking is that my I just cannot do an A stretch what so ever with my wrist. I purchased the power assist because I believe that it really could help get a much better stretch and make the gains. With having a high LOT if figured that the down and out would create a much higher pressure upon your ligaments making it a better stretch until you get to the right size that A stretches are of a benefit. Maybe, I am not understanding the theories behind this, but this is how I interpret the exercises.

Any input or ideas are welcome!

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No biggie man. With the PA, you will be able to do the A stretches . I personally alternate between techniques. In other words, I will do a couple A stretches with my wrists and a couple with the PA, then repeat. The PA is designed to allow a guy of virtually any size to be able to do stretches such as the A stretch . You will just have to wait until you get yours. Like they say "seeing IS beleiving!". I'm of the beleif that no matter your LOT you can get growth.