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Hey everyone

I don't know if it's because I've been sick on and off for the past week and a half, but my unit is NOT hanging the way it used to. My balls are always tight, and my flaccid hang has been a joke lately.

I'm still working out though. I've had to take days off here and there for the holidays and shit, but I've been consistent enough.

The thing is, perhaps I'm losing faith or something, but my enthusiasm for Penis Enlargement has been diminishing.

Like, even after a decent session where I cover all the bases, my dick will go right back to the size it was before I worked out. If this happens, are the exercises really working? Shouldn't my cock stay "fluffed" for a while afterwards? How could it grow when it just reverts back to the same shit every time?

Oh yeah, and I just noticed that I've been at a length plateau for a WHILE now. My flaccid stretched length hasn't increased in months, so it's a big bummer. These past two weeks have been super-wack for my workouts... I haven't been feeling well lately. It's like my body can't decide if it wants to be sick or not. I'll have symptoms one day, then I'll be fine the next, then this morning I woke up in a cold sweat (the second time in a week). I think I'm coming down with the flu or some shit.

I've recently incorporated jelqing back into my regimen in addition to my stretching and clamp work, but it feels like nothing is happening, like I'm going through the motions.

Can anyone identify? This isn't a "depression thread", it's just that my body doesn't seem to be responding to the stress I'm putting on it. What the fuck?!


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Well, scratch that... I just had a great session. I stopped just short of getting a donut, so I'm cool.

I don't know what happened. Everything just clicked tonight. It turns out that my flaccid stretched length IS longer than I thought. I did an intense stretch session (20 minutes). Don't let the amount of time spent fool you.... it was intense. Even my gripping ability was on point tonight. I can't explain why. I would pull REALLY hard, then let up slightly, then go again REALLY hard, then let up a bit, etc... all while holding the stretch .

After that I jelqed for about forty minutes. Really slowly and intense. Stopping every hundred reps to do some ulies and squeezes. I also threw in some jelqs with the bends thrown in for good measure.

After that I moved on to my multiclamp and did an intense 25 minutes (broken up into one 10 minute set and one 15 minute set) of DLD bends and hardcore 1 minute Horse squeezes. What I did was hold the horse squeeze for thirty seconds, then for the next 30 seconds I'd squeeze HARDER, then slowly let up... feeling the blood fill back into my glans, then squeeze again, only harder. It was kind of like a pumping motion. Each release would be followed by a harder and harder squeeze. I thought my cock was gonna pop, but it just swelled and swelled becoming visibly bigger with each "pump " of my grip. I did these squeezes for most of the time I was in the clamp. It felt great.

I saw that I was about to start developing a donut, so I stopped my session. Flaccid cock hanging nice and fat.

I don't know what happened, but you see how things can turn at the drop of a hat? I hope the routine I just described can help someone else out.


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Man glad to hear, I was getting worried you were going to outa the game. If you want those balls to hang you really got to get on them all the time. Read my building bull balls thread. My balls aleasy hang low now. :D well I gues they would I always got shit on them!! lol Anyways my dick always used to go back to the way it was until I started hanging heavy, now its been permatly changed, you might want to try. Dont quit man, God knows that I have gone through one of the longest time periods with out gains, but I refuse to fail.

"The only failure is when you quit"

God Bless



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Normally, my balls hang low enough, man. The last thing I want is my balls to be any bigger. They've been tight a lot lately because I've been under the weather, I think. Thanks, though.

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