Politician harassed by challenger's operative


Jun 3, 2003
Politician harassed by challenger's operative
WMAQ-TV 5 Chicago |
"[State Sen. Barack Obama] is finding himself tailed by a man with a camera everywhere he goes... For the past 10 days, Justin Warfel has stayed within two feet of Obama at all times, recording everything he says to constituents, listening to cell phone conversations with Obama's wife, and even waiting for Obama outside the restroom... Jason Miller, [Republican challenger Jack Ryan]'s campaign manager, told the Chicago Sun-Times that Obama's movements are fair game, and that the point of the constant taping was to make sure Obama did not contradict himself with his public statements... During one recent public appearance, the Sun-Times reported that Warfel interrupted Obama with several heckling questions, but would not answer reporters' questions when they tried to ask who he was and why he was filming Obama's every move."

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