Polar hike thwarted by global warming


Jun 3, 2003
Polar hike thwarted by global warming
Canada.com |
"Briton Ben Saunders, 26, who reached the Pole last Tuesday, had to be rescued Friday night about 50 kilometres on the Canadian side when open water made it impossible for him to continue the journey. He was airlifted to Ottawa Saturday night. 'The weather this year was the warmest since they began keeping records,' Mr. Saunders said yesterday. 'And the sea ice coverage in the Arctic last year was the least ever, according to NASA. They haven't calculated it yet for this year, but we expect the sea ice coverage to be even lower.' ... 'I've been wary of taking a stance on climate change, as I don't believe we know enough about what's going on, but it's obvious that things are changing fast.'"

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