please help with a newbie clamp routine



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Nov 20, 2003
I was wondering if those of you who are experienced clamp users (SWM, Red, et al) could help me make a clamp regimen? So far, I've only worn it once for 10 minutes after a few hundred jelqs , but not while doing any exercise with it on.

This would be in supplement to manual exercises. My main goal with this would be to fatten the girth of the 1/2 of my penis closest to my body. In other words, I have a very slight baseball shape I'm trying to rid myself of.

Thanks in advance.


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Jun 3, 2003
I am afraid to post much cos itll get deleted.
Wait SADLY for others to chime in ..... or PM me with the question.


Check out this cable clamp thread first.

Clamp Thread

I see guys talkin about using Ace wrap for clamp work or wrapping their clamps with tape and such. Dont need to do all that. Just look how I do it in that thread.

As far as a routine. I'd suggest personally starting out lighter than I go at it. I'd do something like 3 ten minute sets in one day at first. In other words you get all set up with the clamp as I demonstrate. Then, you start your first 10 minute set. During that 10 min., the clamp stays on the whole time. The goal is to get as pumped as possible during that set. Use manual stimulation, kegels, kegeling and pushing the clamp toward the base, etc. Pump that biotch up!

Give it a week or two and up the time on each set by say, 5 minutes. Based on your personal daily schedule, take it from there.
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