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Jan 27, 2004
ok well I'm 18 I had my first sex when I was like 16, girls first time too. She was on top I didn't even have it in at all but she thought I did she was jamming down on my dick bending it sideways and sh*t and I came on that shit like in 30-40 secs. ok that was first time. Then when I was like 17 I had a girlfriend and we had sex maybe like 10-11 times that was my first time really fucking a girl and stuff. And I couldn't last maybe 2-3 min or less without getting the urge of cumming at the point of no return and just blowing my load. I am now 18 and graduated from school. I have been doing Penis Enlargement for almost a month and hope to have sex in like 2-3 months. I just wanted to know how you got over your premature ejac and what could I do to work on it soo when I have sex again I WONT cum in 2 min. I'm not going to college right now(signing up for next yr) and I don't currently have a job right now soo I have all the time in the world. I was tired of wasting time after I graduated sitting around not doing shit just smoking bud and shit. Soo like at the end of Jan. I said I'm going to put my time to good use. And I have been on a pretty good routine lifting weights 4 or 5 days out of the week.(seeing good results with the lifting but gotta keep going!)I aint SATISFIED yet. and I have been doing a pretty good routine of Penis Enlargement everymorning when I get up and some stretching at night too. I do all my stretching , jelquing , and kegals, Monday thru Friday. Been doing in for about 3 weeks almost my past MY FIRST MONTH! Soo If anybody had any tips on premature ejac that worked for them I would appreciate it if you could share them with me. Like I said I want to put all this time to good use that I have right now b4 I start college in the summer or b4 I get a part time job. I don't have a chick or anything right now. Soo anything I could practice right now I will do. I'm sure/hope the kegals will pay off in at least 2 month of consistent kegal work.But if any1 knew anything else that helped them last longer I would like to know. I absolutely love this forum and get on it everyday looking for new shit to learn. I really believe it will change my life I cant think anything negative about it. I'm already a believer(and I havent measured my 1st gains yet but I seeing how my dicks harder and might be bigger but I'm measuring on Feb 16. every 2 weeks) by just seeing how it worked for heads and hopefully that will beme in 3-4 months saying how it worked so good. I'm just trying to be like a sponge soaking up all this sh*t. I didn't know where to post this but if I don't get responses I will post in main forum I guess. But THANKS to yall heads who are here to help people. Yall don't understand how much I appreciate what yall do.


Oct 13, 2003
Do a search on this site to find some really good stuff on pre-ejac. I had the same problem for a while, and it was due to stressing out over wanting to put on a good show for ma lady. After getting comfortable with her and myself, I realized there's no reason to be stressed or to put pressure on myself to perform. Sex is suppose to be fun not stressful. Relaxation is the key.
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