Hey guys. This is my second post; my first was actually in the 'hangers' section. I'm 29 and from Texas. I'm 5'6" measure 6.2" epbl; 4.7" eg. I hope to get to 8" long if poss and 5.75 or more on girth. I've been reading the forums for a while, but I actually started Penis Enlargement on Sat (11/01) so I am gonna go the month and measure again on 12/01.

I'll tell y'all what I do and would appreciate any feedback on my program (what to change, try, etc.)

So far I've jelqed every day- usually 10-15 at a time. I haven't actually counted reps. Last night my wife and I went Home Depot and Target and got the stuff to make a bib hanger . I used the 1.5" flex PVC w/nylon braid, and I wrap my penis with an ACE bandage under the hanger . Last night and tonight I hung. I used 2 lbs. Each night I did 4 20 min sessions with about 10 min of wet jelqing (Vaseline) in between each hang session. I use warm rice socks above/around my penis for warmth while hanging . Also, I bought a pump and used it earlier today briefly. I did a 15 min pump with about 3 inches of pressure and then rested/masseaged for about 10 min then did another 15 min pump at about 5 inches of pressure. I was planning on pumping 3 days a week (prob M-W-F); I also do about 100 Kegels a day and try to do a few Kegels while I'm hanging .

I have not been doing much in the mornings because I don't have a lot of time. Today I did some light stretches when I got of a hot shower , but I only stretched for like 30 seconds at each position (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW). Also, I've stopped wearing underwear as to allow my self more room and to not be mashed into my shorts all day.

I'm considering going 3 days on 1 off with my hanging , but I hate to take a day off because it feels good. Also, do I need a day off from jelqing, too, or can I do that all week?

Anything you guys have to say will be greatly appreciated.


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Hi there bro,

I'm still entirely too newbie myself to comment or make suggestions yet. Just giving ya a friendly Hello. Sounds like your motivated and willing to put the work into it, so I'm sure you'll do great. :)

I jelq every other day, for what it's worth. It seems to beat the piss out of my dick, so I'm guessing I need the day off. I dunno though, let the more experienced guys handle this. :)



Welcome Texan, sounds like your off to a good start. Keep up the good work it will pay off.


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Wow Texan, sounds like you're on the ball! Get in as much stretching time as possible for length , during bathroom breaks etc.. Any time is a good time. I used to hang and it felt wonderful, my routine was 5 days on 2 days off, so I could have the weekend off to do whatever.

What I recommend is that you pyramid your Jelqs and kegels. What I mean by this is say you add, 15 kegels a day. It doesn't sound like much, but it adds up (you can use less or more if you like). Same thing for Jelqs.

Most of all, don't get in too big of a rush, as my fellow members have said before.. "Penis Enlargement isn't a race, it's a marathon."
You seem to have a good head on your shoulders, and it's more than awesome that your wife knows that you're Penis Enlargementing (I'm assuming). Happy gaining!!


PS: If you can, it would be wonderful if you would start up a Progress journal, so you can look back at everything you did etc.. In case you need a little motivation or whatnot.

Why not set up a specific routine to follow for a fortnight, or a month or so. The advantages of this are that you'll a) get very good at doing certain exercises, and b) that you'll soon be able to tell which exercises work for you, and adapt your routine accordingly.

Sounds like you've got a lot of different elements to your Penis Enlargement so far, so try this:

AM) Stretching and/or Jelqing (10-15 mins of each)
PM) Pumping and/or hanging (2-3 sets of each)

Not very specific I know, but enough so that you can tell which routine (AM or PM) feels harder on your penis. Keep it up! :)
Hey, thanks everybody for replying.

Yes, I am lucky my wife is cool with the whole Penis Enlargement thing. I keep winking at her and saying "It's all for you, baby." But she knows better. Don't get me wrong, I do think when I get bigger she'll like the feel, but after 10 years together we both know the Penis Enlargementing is for my peace of mind.

Anyway, again, thanks for the input. I am trying to stick with a schedule. I will definitely try to get more stretching in.

I don't know if someone's already done this, but a thread on why we started Penis Enlargement would be good and possibly theraputic.

Great gains to all,


I think that's already been done,Use the search button, If not there, Start one.


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Hi Texan nice to meet you.

You do seem like a very motivated person already so i'm sure you'll see some great improvement in the upcoming months.
Like someone else said just dont rush it. When i started i was like you and did the most intense exercices on my second day of Penis Enlargement... i felt like crying the next morning, my penis was so sore i couldn't even take a piss. So make sure to start with a newbie routine that includes good tunica and ligament stretching along with some jelquing.

I've only heard bad comments about penis pump.. they make your penis huge but everyone i know who tried it says the "gains" vanish into thin air after a few hours because it doesn't promote any kind of blood circulation. Maybe if you did a hot towel warmup and then tried using the pump (not too hard, just to stretch a little) and then did your normal routine it could be good? Just an idea..

Anyway, welcome and good gains!

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