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Jun 3, 2003
Chapter IIII

She has a lot of attitude. But after reading Senoritas Escandalosa - you know how to detect it before it rears it's ugly head.

The warning signs are there early on: Is she outgoing? Nowadays, 9 out of 10 times if a woman is outgoing that's a dead give away that she has an ego and so you better watch out. How does she dress? Is she up to date with the current trends? What does her social life consist of? Does she have many friends?

You see, it's important to understand that women today are different than women of recent decades. Throughout most of history women were "suBathmateissive" to men, but then the sixties hit and suddenly things like feminism and women's rights took center stage. It probably seemed like a good idea at the time...

...But our sixties forefathers just weren't thinking - maybe they were smoking too much dope. And so here we are now, males in our twenties and early thirties, and we have to deal with the consequences. Women have been set free, they are our equals. In school, in the workplace, in sports, and in sex. Today, many women see males as competitors, rather than potential partners.

If current trends continue, women may very easily become the dominant sex. It's shocking to realize, but when you think about it, you can see how it can very easily come to pass.

Why were men considered the dominant sex, anyway? In ages past, we were the protectors and providers, the hunters and builders. Simply stated, we were bigger and stronger, and anyway, women were needed to nurse the children.

Today, if women want protection, they get a court order - if they need provisions (food and shelter), they make as much money as us (and sometimes more) and can provide for themselves. And if they need to nurse children, they've got daycares, nannies, and their own parents to help take care of things. And sex? Logged on to a porn site recently? Glanced through the pages of a popular women's magazine like "Cosmopolitan?" Increasingly, it is becoming more and more common for women to satisfy their sexual urges with other women. Starting as early as high school.

When it comes down to it, women don't necessarily need guys anymore.

This puts us in a sticky situation. What's a guy to do? We grew up learning to be tough and athletic and proud of ourselves, but if we display any of these traits nowadays it seems that many women view us as a challenge to their ego's rather than as a strong provider and protector.

Do you recall the title to this section?


Our key point is this: To get with women that show any elements of superior ego/attitude, you have to play to their egos/attitudes.

In competition, it is instinctive to want to come out on top. This girl's ego sees you as a competitor. So she wants to come out on top and she accomplishes this by not even giving you the time of day - or worse, simply leading you on. In the end, this girl thinks that she's the shit.

If you want to get with her, the trick is to trick her into seeing you as other than a competitor. And the old saying goes - you never have a second chance to make a first impression.

The following technique that we're about to share with you will work wonders: (She won't know what hit her!) Many con artists throughout history have applied something similar to achieve their goals. Based on human psychology, the same concept carries over easily into today's relationship arena. . .

Make her think that you think that she's the shit. She's the star of the show and you're the devoted fan. Play dumb to a certain extent. Think Joey from Friends. She is the shit, and you're like a puppy dog on a leash, happy - your tongue hanging out - giving her the impression that all you want out of life is to have her pat your head and scratch your ears. You'll follow her anywhere that she goes. You never try to outshine her - you're never a show-off and you never reveal your own ego to her.

Keep in mind that when playing to a woman's ego, you're definitely not playing hard to get. This is because she thinks that she's the shit and she expects the guy that she gets with to think that she's the shit as well. So, early on, if you play hard to get with this type of girl you may easily insult her pride. Save "hard to get" for down the road (it's your surprise weapon if she ever suddenly shows a loss of interest in you [see "Senoritas Escandalosa"]).

You are playing the seducer's game to perfection. It is a mirror-effect of sorts. You've studied this woman from a distance and you've realized her superior ego and super-star delusions by the way she carries herself. Her disdain for egotistical guys, her high ideals, and her belief that the world revolves around her. Your next step then is to make a mirror for her psychological pursuits, letting her glimpse what she can be - a super-star.

This mirror has several functions: Satisfying her ego by giving her a reflection to look at, you've focused on her so exclusively that you've given her the feeling that you exist for her alone. Surrounded by a world of scheming guys who only have their own self-interest at heart, she can't fail to be touched by your devotional focus. Your mirror has set up an ideal for her to live up to: she's a super-star. To a woman with a super ego, nothing can be more intoxicating than to have someone hold up an idealized reflection of her.

This is the power of the seducer's mirror: By doubling the ideals of this woman, it shows your attention to her psychology, an attention more charming than any aggressive pursuit.

Casanova attributed his success in life to his ability to concentrate on a single goal and push at it until it yielded. It was his ability to give himself over completely to the women he desired that made him so intensely seductive.
"The man who intends to make his fortune in this ancient capital of the world [Rome] must be a chameleon susceptible of reflecting the colors of the atmosphere that surrounds him...He must be supple, flexible, insinuating, close, inscrutable, often base, sometimes sincere, sometimes perfidious, always concealing a part of his knowledge, indulging in but one tone of voice, patient, a perfect master of his countenance, as cold as ice when any other man would be all fire..."

MEMOIRS Giovanni Casanova 1725 - 1798
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