Player Principles


Mar 22, 2004
Sup everyone. I've just read DLD's "How to be a True Player", and even though I tend to slightly disagree with some of the tips, in general its one hell of a useful post, and it's pretty strange that no one repsonded to it. Anyway I got inspired to make a thread, that would sum up all the Do's and Don'ts on how to be cool and challenging to women. A lot of it will summarize DLD's posts(which i find great), but hopefully we'll manage to throw in some unmentioned stuff. With every post you make try to add a short piece of advice. Most of mine i get from the works of David DeAngelo, so it would be really appreciated if you mentioned your sources. Anyway here go a couple:

Compliment her only once, when you first meet her, and avoid giving her compliments in general.
NEVER tell her that you love her.
Always look her in the eyes.
Always try to speak slowly, through your chest, often making pauses to add drama into what you're saying.
NEVER give her exactly what she wants.
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