Plateau Theory



Feb 2, 2004
Alright, bare with me here this is kinda rough right now.

Many people report faster gains initially, these so called "newbie gains" I believe to be previous unrealized potential. My experience is that I recall in high school measuring after seeing a bunch of ads one day and finding out I was 6.5" BPenis EnlargementL with miniscule girth. Later on, a few months later (keep in mind this is pre Penis Enlargement) I noticed I had gained some girth, however fell to about 5.5" BPenis EnlargementL.

Soon after starting Penis Enlargement I had some very appreciated gains in length , but no girth. These initial gains I believe can (and were) be easily attained through any basic length routine which is essentialy re-doing natural downward progression.

Now on to the part about plateaus. I believe plateaus are where your gains switch from being re-constructive to fully new potential. At this point the penis is experiencing totally new growth, which is apparent in the slowdown of gains. This process takes much more time because the penis is essentially growing past it's natural potential and in this phase requires more specific exercises to target growth.

It may also explain why some people continuing on the same routine do not see gains after a certain period of time, as they have exhausted their "natural potential" and are moving into their unseen potential.

Just some points that came to mind as I worked past my own plateau, comments welcome!


Sep 21, 2003
Makes a lot of sense to me. I switched around my routine and did some things differently and have recently made a .25 inch cemented girth gain.
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