Mar 21, 2004
Ok. I am currently doing the dld's newbie routine, and I plan to switch into a more intensive program once I get the hang of Penis Enlargement. My measurements are

5" BPenis EnlargementL
5.25 EG

I would like to get to at least 7" EL and 6" EG. I will try to post gains every month, if any. I am really determined and have been doing my routine faithfully for this first week. Does anyone have any suggestions as to when I should switch up my routine and when I can start using, for example, clamps? I also plan to get a RoP from Supra sometime soon. :p


I'd say follow the newbie routine for the full 6 or 8 weeks that it suggests. After that you should be ok to add some more intense stuff.

Resist the urge to jump into the more hardcore exercises as soon as you can. I know it all looks really enticing, but it's better to have a somewhat slower-gaining penis (perhaps) than to have a broke penis. Ease into it.

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