Planned High School Massacre Foiled



Jun 3, 2003
One Bakersfield student arrested, four suspended in alleged plot
The Associated Press

One Bakersfield high school student was arrested and four others were suspended after authorities uncovered an alleged plot to kill other students and a campus police officer.

The Kern County Sheriff's Department received information Sunday that a group of fresHydromaxen at Centennial High School were allegedly making plans to shoot a campus police officer and seven students at the school.

The threats were apparently being e-mailed among a small group of students who were planning the shootings, the sheriff's department said Monday.

Computers belonging to some of the students have been seized and will be searched for evidence of these criminal threats.

Police notified the parents of the students mentioned in the e-mails and the campus police officer of the threats.

A parent of one of the suspects voluntarily turned over seven legal firearms to police for safe keeping until the investigation is completed.
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