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Jun 15, 2003

I have some major confidence issues. I haven't had a girlfriend since I was 13 and I never had a serious girlfriend. This has convinced me that I'm ugly and unattractive to women. I just couldn't work out what my problem was. Then just when I was getting to know this girl I really liked, I was kicked out of school. I didn't even do what I was accused of. I didn't see her or any of my friends that I grew up with for 3 years. I had no social life and became very shy and withdrawn. I became very self conscious - I couldn't even answer questions in class sometimes because I was anxious about how my voice would sound. Then I became depressed.

I have a very low opinion of myself and whenever someone compliments me I don't believe them.

Day to day I see so many fucking gorgeous women, i mean absolute 10s. I've got so much to give them sexually, if I only had the chance. I have really started to get paranoid about this and convinced myself that i'm ugly. But I'm not, I actually think I'm good looking. But no girls seem to notice me. I think this is because I've got no confidence.

I've heard amazing things about pheromone products so I've decided to try some. I want the most potent pheromone product available. But I've heard that some make women feel threatened if they have too much andrestonone or something. Has anyone got any recommendations?



Jun 3, 2003
eh, I Penis EnlargementRSONALLY think this whole pheromone in a bottle thing is a bunch of crap, you have probably read my reply to your other posts. Read that site for info on how to get/appraoch/keep a girl. It can do much more for you than pheromones in my humble opinion.
Jun 4, 2003
Your success with women will not come out of a bottle.

Many people are in the same position as you during their young and less mature years. There is hope for you buddy so do not become dis-heartened.

Some things to consider:
Find a guy that is getting the girls and has success. This might well be a guy that is a little older than you but it does not matter. Befriend the guy and learn the little details about how he thinks, what he says and does and how he feels about himself.

Take on his attitude with women but not with his women. Start with the 6's and 7's instead of the 10's.

The biggest thing you need to do at this point is stop being afraid of living. Stop being afriad to speak up. Just force yourself and keep forcing yourself and then one day the confidence will follow. Confidence is something that we have to build for ourselves and it is not just handed to us at birth.

You have to take responsibility and take action. It is your fault that you are in this position. Accept the responsibility and then understand that since you are 100% responsible for your downfall, you are also 100% responsible for your upsides too. It's not the school who kicked you out. It's not your mom or dad. It's not your bother or sister that is responsible. It is you and only you. So pick yourself up and make the changes. Only good will come.

About being turned down: Sure, it hurts and it will happen often but and maybe even 99% of the time...... let's do a little math here-

Stick your neck out 0 times and you risk being turned down exactly 0 times. You also have no chance of success.

Stick your neck out 1 time per day which is 365 times a year just to pick a number, and your risk of being turned down is 365 times but that remaining 1% of the time is why you are there. 1% of 365 is about 3-4 successes. Just exactly how many do you want anyway?


Jun 8, 2003
Yeah, the pheromone products really don't work. Many of them are manufactured from the same materials perfumes are: pig sweat and urine. Then a little bit of a fruity or flowery fragrance is added, and is sold to the masses. Humans can't really pick up the pheromones in these items.

If we were different animals with stronger vomeronasal organs (such as snakes), we would smell things like pheromones quite well. Unfortunately, we aren't, and most of these scents go through our noses without triggering the vomeronasal organ.

Other research has been performed with secretions from women during different stages of their mentrual cycles, as well as with men and their secretions. While women's secretions have a strong effect on men and attraction, this scent is usually covered up by perfumes and whatever else women use. With guys, the scents tend to effect other men, and not women. For example, if the pheromones from men are sprayed on the inside of a bathroom stall, men will avoid that stall, while women will be just as likely to use it had nothing been sprayed in the first place.

So, the whole pheromone thing really doesn't work for attracting women... Confidence does! Find ways to build this, and you'll be set for life.


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Jul 13, 2003
yeah those products are the highest level of bullshit ever created. it's a whole psychological thing where youthink that you're attractive when you're wearing it so then you actually become attractive because you have the confidence.

i had no confidence too. i was a reject through highschooland i was always sick and out of school. i saw beautiful girls all the time but they neverspoke to me or even looked at me. i was very heart broken and they started to talk about how i was "small"
so i started to Penis Enlargement and i noticed that more and moregirls were talking to me, and i think it was because i had the confidence that attracted them.

the main advice that i can give you "seeing howall my friends are girls. i mean LITERALLY all" is to be yourself, if you can make a woman laugh then you're one step closer to her heart. women love a sence of humor. dont' be afraid to look at them straight in the eye. this is a very powerful thing to women (and to men to) because then it's like you are totally exposed to the person and you learn so much about them in that instant. ALSO. i noticed that my friends like it when a guy makes them feel "special". and by special i mean that you treat them like you treated no other girl. that they are tuely an individual and you truely admire them for it.
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