Perfect Example of Why The US shouldn't even bother trying to "help" countries it att


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Oct 25, 2003
Subtitle: Dilemma :
" How Do We Respect The Lives of Those Who Do Not Respect Life?"

I have never been a big supporter of this war, that is for sure. Now I really dont understand what our mission is. The line is that these murders will not stop our mission to bring Democracy to Iraq. OK, I agree on not backing down on principle (if there is a principle). but why give people something they dont want, and probably dont deserve and cant understand? Why sacrifice the lives of Americans to give such a gift to people who do not respect life?

It is evident that these people in FALLUJA are not even human beings in a philosophical sense. They have no respect for human life whatsoever. Anyone who thinks it is ok to celebrate murder by mutilating corpses is not human. Here when people do shit like this, we charge them with hate crimes and throw away the key or execute them. But when people do this to us, we give them gifts?

There is more to being a free human being than just having a pulse. Much More. And right now I dont know who makes me sicker, The US agenda or our enemies. The US should be neither the World Police nor the World Nanny.


Jun 16, 2003
I heard about the hanging of US corpses and draggin there mulitilated bodies through the streets and I was fuckin disgusted.

When we had an oppressor and when we wanted democracy, we had a fuckin REVOLUTION! Many Amercians died for this democracy, why should more Americans dies for someone elses? If they want it bad enough, then they can fuckin go get it.

But sadly Bush has put us in a position that if we let Iraq fail, we will never be trusted by Arabs again, and we've instantly lost the War on Terrorism and the Anti-American ideology.