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Jun 3, 2003

Penis - The penis is the most valued male possession. With most of the male population having an average erect length of 5.5" it is amazing that so much thought goes into this fleshy organ but if I were to say I did not give it that much importance I would be lying. The facts are since the beginning of the human race the penis has mystified and captivated man and woman alike. (see race and penis size) It is no wonder that a large penis is prized as an elusive treasure. A large penis has always been a sign of power and strength and as much as the world loves to deny it, Size Does Matter.

The average flaccid length of the adult penis measures 3.5 inches long with the average erect length being 5.5 inches. This measurement is made along the top side, center of the penis.

It is amusing how much we think about our penises when you consider other species size outside the human race. The human penis is dwarfed by the bull at 3 feet, the blue whale at 8 feet, the elephant at 5 feet and the pig at a foot and a half. Thank goodness these animals are not present in the locker room or human sexual situations.

Many people claim the size does not matter and good sexual practice makes up for a small penis size but why settle for that? I agree that good sexual practice is important but penis enlargement is real and it works so while you are brushing up on your techniques you could be adding size to your penis.

It always amazes me how people who swear size does not matter until they acquire it then it means the world. Why Matters of Size? Because Size Matters!

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