Oct 28, 2003
Hi to all

I was doing Penis Enlargement exercises for a few months but then I stopped, because there were some things that were bothering me. I am a member of two paid sites, which I wont name here. My routine was was pretty much the stuff you see on all sites:
warm up, stretching exercises, wet milking, warm down and doing Kegels daily. I wont say that i didnt get any gains, because I got bigger, but what was bothering me was that my foreskin was lenghtening and when I got from the shower my penis skin was looking all wrinkled. Was the problem lubrication or something else? I can say that sometimes my erections were not as hard as before. The third and the last thing is that my penis was getting a baseball bat shape. It was thinner on the base than on the shaft and on the head. It is still like that. When in flaccid state the ligaments on my penis base are very thin. Is there somethin to do to solve the problem with the foreskin and the shape or are that the sacrifices you have to make when you are doing Penis Enlargement. I would appreciate any hint or suggestion on this topic.

Thanks Matt?:(
Jun 4, 2003
I'm cut, but the skin can sometimes look wrinkled when in a small flaccid state. I also have a slight baseball bat effect when flaccid but it's not noticable when erect.

IMO, these are sacrifices that I'm willing to make in my quest for a bigger dick.


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Jun 4, 2003
When I'm flaccid, my penis looks very wrinkloes (not saggy wrinkled, just with lines). Hard to explain, I would take a pic if I could. Doesn't bother me, cause the skin isn't wrinkled when I'm erect. LOL


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