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I really dont know, some people say yes, and some say no. The world will never know. I think that if you use it a lot and for a couple years, ya it will work, but using your hands and a hanger is much faster and is way more permanent
I've been using one in conjunction with DLD's Newbie routine for about two weeks and have noticed at least a 1/4" gain. I can't really say if it was the pump or a combination of several things, but as long as it's working i'll keep doing it.

One thing about pumps though, make sure you have one with a vaccum guage. If not, you can seriously damage your penis if you use too much vaccum too soon. Start slow, 3hg for the first 3 days, 5hg for a 3-5 days, and 7hg after that. Don't go more than 7hg and you should be fine.
I used my CTC1000XL for 2 years and saw very minimal gains. When I added jelqing it started growing. I finally due to time constraints cut out the pumping . I do feel that its a nice addition to manual Penis Enlargement

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