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Hello everybody
I was just wondering about Vigrx. Should I buy it? Has anybody used it and what gains would you say are average if any.I just don't believe you can gain 3 inches from a pill but some small gains through better circulation could be possible. Comments on gains would be good thankyou so much.
I've heard that pills could help out with your exercises, but not actually make you gain by themselves.

I wouldn't waste the money on those pills though. SWM is running around like a mad man boasting about those damn generic viagra pills :p

Seriously though, these will make it easier for you to keep an erection during girth workouts. Better erections during workouts = Better gains! So pills can help, but only if combined with exercises!

There's no way around it. Unless you were born with it, it takes a lot of hard work to get a big dick!


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Im gonna keep this short, i was on vig rx for 3 months. small gains but i was Penis Enlargementing at the time so i just put it down to that. DONT BUY THEM save ya money and buy something more useful.

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