Penis Hanging Weights


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Jun 3, 2003

Penis Hanging Weights
Penis Hanging is not something to be taken lightly. Obviously. This is your most-prized body part. Hanging can be safe and effective but you need to understand Hanging before jumping in to it. Hanging can be a great form of enlargement but Hanging is also one of the most dangerous forms of penis enlargement. Good Hanging education is paramount to a solid Hanging program.

Hanging is a enlargement process that can take weeks, months, or even years to work. Which means Hanging requires a lot from its practitioners--dedication, perseverance, and intelligence. Just because you start Hanging doesn't mean you'll be successful. If you aren't willing to make the necessary investments in time and energy, then Hanging is sure to be a waste of money. Even if you do everything right with Hanging , gains can sometimes be hard to come by.

A successful bodybuilder doesn't mindlessly lift weights 18 hours a day, hoping his muscles will grow. Nor does the successful Hanging PEer mindlessly strap an anvil to his penis with a bit of baling wire, hoping his penis will enlarge. Both of these men take a more enlightened approach, and so should you.

With Hanging you should know the basic physiology of your penis. You should know how various types and intensities of stress in Hanging can affect it. You should know when it is time to take a break from Hanging . Knowledge like this can speed your progress exponentially, not to mention keep you safe in the process.
In this section we will explore Hanging , offer links to good Hanging sites and educate you on the basics of Hanging .

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