Penis Enlargement


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Jun 3, 2003

Penis Enlargement
Penis Enlargement has many definitions especially in online world. If you do a search for the term you will see hundreds of thousands of sites promoting everything from free penis enlargement exercises, penis enlargement programs, penis enlargement pumps, penis enlargement pills, creams and patches, among thousands of other products and services. If you are on your first search for penis enlargement chances are you will become more confused than before you started.

I will try to break down the basic forms of penis enlargement in hopes to give you a better understanding.

1.) Natural Penis Enlargement: Natural Penis Enlargement is defined as any natural, manual exercise that increases the size of the penis. Natural Penis Enlargement can be found on thousands of sites online. Most Natural Penis Enlargement sites talk about jelqing and stretching the penis. These forms of Natural Penis Enlargement are the oldest and most popular.

2.) Hanging Weights: This is when some sort of apparatus is connected to the penis shaft. The most popular device is called the Bib Hanger. The device will have some sort of attachment that the user can hang weights from the flaccid penis to increase length .

3.) Pumping: I am sure you have seen the Penis Enlargement Pump adds in the back of magazine usually promoted by some porno actor. These are vacuum devices that the user inserts his penis into a cylinder and the penis is either manually or mechanically pumped. This produces a temporary swelling of the penis ( last 4 to 6 hours) which gives the penis more average erect girth for a short period of time.

4.) Extenders: Penis extenders are a device that is attached to the penis shaft and using traction the penis is extended to an elongated position. When used over long periods of time they produce an increase in penile length . See Vimax for more information.

5.) Fulcrum Enlargement: This is a new method of enlargement using an external device to increase the tension of standard manual penis enlargement. Currently there is only one device available called the Power Assist . See The Power Assist for more information

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