Penis Enlargement Testimonials


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Jun 3, 2003
Penis Enlargement Testimonials

"I Now Have 8.5 Inches!"
"You're absolutely one of my heroes. Your inventiveness, sensitivity, and strength are inspirational, as is your progress. Thank you for giving me the 8.5” I have always dreamed of. I joined 3 other programs with no luck. I started at 6” and I tried everything from pills and weights to pumps and potions and nothing worked. After working with you over the past year my dreams have finally come true. This site was the best move you could have made. Now the world will have access to what I have had been spoiled with."​

"A Skeptic No More"
"Man, DLD I just have to say, I was skeptical at first about these exercises. I've used weights in the past and had decent gains from them. So, you could understand why I might doubt the effectiveness of using 'just' my hands. Well, I'm a skeptic no more! I am LOVING your Blasters technique! Using the Blasters along with my stretching exercises, I am really starting to notice a change in the appearance of my Penis when it hangs soft. My erections are also starting to feel harder again. When I'd used weights before, my erections feeling harder was soon followed by gains in length . So, I'm definitely anxious to see what happens!"
B.C. From TN

"After 8 Months of Matters Of Size"
"I am so happy you suggested I take a before picture. Now looking back on that and comparing it to my present size I am blown away. If anyone has any doubts if Matter of Size is for real, check out my before and after pics. I started at 5” flaccid size and today I am at 8” flaccid.Thanks to Doublelongdaddy I no longer have to hide in the locker room."

"Matters of Size Changed My Whole Life"
"My wife gave birth to our last child and the fit was not like it used to be, if you know what I mean. My main concern was a thicker cock and as you can see I got my wish and them some length too. No more loose fit with the wife. Things fit nice and tight now. Thanks Doublelongdaddy"
William, UK

"DLD Provided Me with Cutting Edge Exercises"
"I was desperate to find a way to slow my orgasm. I'm proud to say that I can now last past what my wife needs to be satisfied, not only that but after several comments from my wife that my penis was getting larger and the dreaded ruler test, I confirmed her statement as factual. With velocity DLD provided me with cutting edge exercises that made very swift differences. I would say without hesitation that for someone who is interested in beating a premature ejaculation problem or having a larger penis that the good money is on DLD. I was sold enough I gave DLD a couple of pictures to throw up on his site".
Tree Papa Niner

"DLD Took Me Under His Wing"
"I was stuck at 6” for a long time on another so-called penis enlargement site. I met doublelongdaddy in the free forums and he took me under his wing. With his unbelievable dedication I finally broke the 7” mark. I am well on my way to the 8” penis I always dreamed of. When I heard that the King of all penis enlargement was opening his own site I was ecstatic. This is one site that is worth every penny."
Xavier Todrin, TX

"After Only Six Weeks!"
Hey, DLD, I hit 7 inches tonight. Thought the old penis looked fuller and better. So, just measured, and bone pressed semi...7 inches. Whew, Hurrah. Thanks friend. Lets keep going. I am going to get that 8 inches yet. Note on some of these where the peyronies bend is/was has improved far more than I ever imagined. I am a full 6 inch girth and glans is more when training. You can compare and see the difference already. I can feel it. Hurrah!"

"DLD is for Real, he is a Legend in the PE World"
"Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the knowledge and guidance that I’ve received from DLD and the gains I’ve made since getting into PE. Testimonials usually sound phony and boisterous, but I wanted you to know that DLD is for real. He is a legend in the PE world. My gains are a direct result of listening to and doing what he has suggested. My starting stats on Feb.1, 2003 were: Flaccid Length 3.25”, Erect Length 5.85”, Flaccid Girth 3.00”, Erect Girth 4.25”; on May 10, 2003 I measured Flaccid Length 5.25”, Erect Length 7.00”, Flaccid Girth 5.00”, Erect Girth 5.00”. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I am looking forward to the next measurement and the gains from working hard and following a true master. He does what he says he does and has the gains to show. Thanks again, DLD, for all your help, I wouldn’t “PE” where I am without you."
- RJC Southern California, USA

"DLD You Rock"
"I'm still surprised of the things I feel doing your exercises…up the good work."

"These Penis Exercises are Absolutely Amazing"
At first I was skeptical about the exercises, but I noticed results within a week and a half!
These penis exercises are absolutely amazing and revolutionary to the Penis Enlargement industry. Whether you need length or girth (I needed both), the exercises offered on this site are genuine and work! Take my word for it, if it weren’t for Matters of Size and DLD I would not have gained 0.75" in girth and 1.3" in length in the short amount of time that it was. I am now 8.1" X6" and I plan on continuing these amazing exercises until I reach my final goal of 9.5" X 6". I'm hooked!" –Pete

"DLD is the Biggest PE Guru Out There"
"I know DLD from the free boards. DLD is the biggest PE guru out there, with the best gains I've ever heard of. I’m honored to join this site." –Mike

"Unreal Length Gains"
"You wont believe me but I will tell you anyways....
I did the Matters of Size workout for the first time today... as you said... UNREAL LENGHT GAINS. Damn I can’t believe it, seems like my penis gained 0.2 inches in length . Incredible, I could see the difference right after the session. Thanks to doublelongdaddy I’m reviving my goal to reach the 8 inches!"

"The world needs to find out about this site"
I have been a member of 2 other penis enlargement sites and they do not even come close to a compairison. Matters of Size is so organized and easy to follow. The vast collection of videos is mind blowing. There are leteraly over 2 hours of video . (yes I checked) each video is so professional and easy to follow, they look like they were shot in a Holywood studio. I am so impressed that for my $49.95 I was given this huge amount of information, video and sound.
-Russell Hoover, US Virgin Islands

"DLD you are a penis enlargement mastermind!"
I have just started Phase 2 of your system and I am at an amazing 8” of length and 6” of girth. Sex has become so pleasurable. My wife now is the one who initiates the sex and she never did before. I owe you so much. My current gains since starting are over 1” in length and close to the same in girth. I thought this is where I would be happy but I think I am going to shoot for the 9 incher.
-George R., UK

"Talk about confidence"
DLD I should be the poster boy for the word. I am able to rock my girl for as long as I want now. I had some problems being the double pump chump but it’s all good now. I mainly joined this site for the help with pre-mature ejaculation but I decided to start Phase 1 too. What is up with my joint getting bigger? Everything you promised so far has come into reality. I was a stupid skeptic in the beginning but yo, I have been saved. I believe. You the man.
-Scott L., NY

"Dude, these exercises are so original"
You must have over 200 exercises between all the Phases and I have not heard of 90% of them and I have been into penis enlargement for a very long time. Matters of Size is such a quality site. Everything is done for you. From the routines and special exercises to the film and pictures you have covered every detail. You have a masterpiece here. I have made a 1.5” length gain since I started using your Blaster routine. This is incredible. I also love the SexyJen section. You, my friend, are very lucky.
-Omar, MA

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