Jun 3, 2003

(c) February 2001 by Katt

I am your very secret lover and I have magic powers. I can visit you in your dreams and bring you pleasure. Tonight I enter your room as you sleep and gaze at your feminine beauty. As I slowly lower the blanket I whisper my name in your ear. You smile and raise your gown to expose yourself to me. I admire all of you.

I kiss your neck tenderly and then slowly down your body, pausing from time to time to tease you. As I make my way down you gradually spread your legs for me, inviting me to kiss your favorite place. I do.

"I have brought a bowl of sliced peaches. You know I love to eat peaches in a very special way."

I reach into the bowl and select a slice and hold it above your breasts letting it drip. Then I paint circles around your nipples using the tip of the slice like a paint brush. Then I lick and suck the juice off and eat the peach slice.

I select another slice and hold it above your tummy letting it drip around your belly button. You body quivers as you feel each drop. Again I use the tip of the slice of fruit to paint flowers on your tummy with the juice. Then I lap it up like a kitten lapping cream from a saucer.

Finally I select another slice and let it drip between your legs. You are spread wide open for me now and the juice runs down between your soft pink lips mixing with your own. I use the tip of the peach slice to paint your soft lips, sliding the tip up and down between them. They spread for me, and I bend down, kissing your soft pink lips slipping my tongue between them. You taste so peachy. When you are about to cum I stop and eat the peach, raising my head at the last moment so you can watch me suck it into my mouth.

Each time I take another peach slice from the bowl I start over, painting your breasts, your tummy, and finally your pink lips. Again and again until there is only one peach slice left. I let it drip between your soft pink lips. Your clit is so swollen that you tremble each time I rub the peach over it.

Finally, as your body lay trembling you enjoy a most intense orgasm. As your hips heave up and down I suck the juices from you till you collapse in total exhaustion.

"It's time for me to go now sweetheart, but I'll return soon to visit you in your dreams."

The next morning you wake with a smile and the sweet memory of a beautiful dream, and of course the sweet smell of peaches.
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