pe without growing foreskin


Apr 12, 2004
Basically, I dont like foreskin and am trying to use pe to make my penis, kinda outgrow my foreskin.
I'm currently doing this routine :
as an aid to help keep my foreskin back but i now want to try and outgrow the extra "bunched up" foreskin that now rests on the shaft.
However, Ive read in numerous places that some pe (especially jelqing ) makes the foreskin grow.
So, I was hoping for someones opinion on my routine, (as to whether they think it will allow my penis to outgrow my foreskin or just cause more skin to grow) and also generally asking for advice that anyone has as to how i should go about outgrowing my foreskin.

Feb 2, 2004
I was really worried about my foreskin stretching out when I first started. However, I totally put that out of my mind after the first week of Penis Enlargement and it hasn't really stretched. Of course it stretches to cover the larger organ, but the stretching I thought would occur through all the exercises never really happened. In fact it's a tad tighter now, which now I'm reading may impact gains, oy! Well one way you can look at it is that you have plenty of gain potential :p

Anyway, don't worry too much about stretching the foreskin, it shouldn't happen too easily unless you focus on it through some restoration exercises or something. But one thing I did (dunno if it helped at all) is with the newbie routine jelqing I'd use one hand at the base to kind of bunch a little bit of the foreskin and proceed with the jelq with the other hand. Usually bunched the bottom to the point where the glans was only about half covered. Don't know if that did anything but may be worth a shot. Good luck!


Jun 3, 2003
kong1971 said:
It took me 6 months of intense Penis Enlargement and foreskin restoration efforts, doing it 24/7, to get 1 inch of skin growth. Although I think some Penis Enlargement exercises might stretch what you have, it's not that easy to make new skin! I should know. I've been trying TO grow it! :)
Comin' from KONG you know he knows his shit on the foreskinLOL
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