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I am brand new to Penis Enlargement and would like to know a good beginner routine. Could someone please describe some proven exercises - how often do you do them, etc. Also - which exercises are good for length , which are good for girth?

I am about five inches long and slender when erect. I would love to add both length and girth.


You should first acclimate your penis to Penis Enlargement. Start out slowly and be careful.

Make sure to incorporate jelqs, and manual stretching .

Apply heat by a cloth for a warm-up for 5 minutes first(around your unit and on your ligaments).

Then do your manual stretches : Down 30s, up 30s, left 30s, right 30s, straight out 30s. Do this maybe 5 times. Then pull straight out and do 30s of circular pulls to the left, then to the right. This should thorughly warm up your unit.

Then onto your jelqs: Use something like vaseline as a lube. I would do maybe 300-500 jelqs. Nice easy ones. Make sure you see the blood engorging the head. Don't do this too tightly just yet or you can get a thrombosed vein. About 80-90% erections seems good.

Finish up: With a warm towel again for 5 min.

Tip: Remember to do kegels all day, while sitting, driving, wathcing tv. Anytime you can.


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