I dont think i want to get into a whole routine thing. Whenever i shower i stretch for 5-10 minutes, and whenever i masterbate i do squeezes and dry jelq's. Its convenient to do it this way and doesnt seem like im putttin time aside for a workout. Do you think this is enough to make slow gains, or make any gains with time?


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Well, the stretching will get you somewhere. But if you want real results, you gotta really put more effort into it. Then again, you might get lucky and be one of those gifted easy gainers.
definatly not an easy gainer, as iv had a routine for 3 months. Gained maybe 1/2in length and 1/4in girth.

I am not lookin for GREAT gains with what im doin. What im askin is if il gain at all? Id be happy with 1/2in length and girth every 6-9 months if i can get that outta what i am doing. OR am i just wasting my time doin what im doin, and it has to be all or nothing?


1/2x1/4 in three months is "easy gains" if you ask me. If you can maintain that level of progress, look what you have in 12 months!