Patriot missiles possibly more fucked than we thought


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Jun 3, 2003
"Patriot missiles possibly more fucked than we thought"
Patriot missiles possibly more fucked than we thought
KTVT-TV 11 Dallas |
"Raytheon-built Patriot anti-ballistic missile systems deployed in Iraq during last year's invasion failed far more frequently than the government has ever acknowledged, according to U.S. Army records and interviews... The Army has yet to publicly acknowledge that there was any serious problem with Raytheon's system during the war, despite published reports by CBS-11 News in February that computer program flaws in the Patriot system caused friendly aircraft to show up as enemy incoming missiles, and triggered automatic targeting, during battle. Navy Lt. Nathan White and two British RAF pilots were shot down in separate incidents involving Patriot missile firings during last year's invasion of Iraq. Unlike the American investigative report, a separate British investigation places primary blame for the shoot down on the Patriot system."


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