Patriot Act II getting passed piecemeal


Jun 3, 2003
Patriot Act II getting passed piecemeal
Wired |
"While activists and politicians work to repeal or change parts of the Patriot Act that they say violate constitutional rights, Patriot Act II legislation - which caused a stir when it came to light last year - is rearing its head again in a new bill making its way through Congress... rather than abandoning the legislation altogether, the department has been extracting provisions and having sympathetic lawmakers slip them one by one into new bills to pass the legislation piecemeal. At least five other bills pending in Congress also contain provisions from Patriot Act II, but HR 3179 is the one that's in imminent danger of being passed under the radar... 'The last time (a Patriot Act II provision) slipped through and got signed was on the day of Saddam Hussein's capture,' [Chip Pitts, head of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee of Dallas] said. 'There was not a single activist who knew it was coming down the pike. At least this time we know about it in advance.'"

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