Parents allegedly starve 5 children


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Jun 3, 2003
"Parents allegedly starve 5 children"
Parents allegedly starve 5 children
Daily Record |
"Five children were left to starve in squalor while their well fed parents watched DVDs in a neat living room. One of the kids, a baby boy, was fighting for life last night with chronic malnutrition. His twin brother was also ill. Two girls aged four and seven and a three-year-old boy were also living in appalling filth in the house... walls and floors around the house were covered in human waste. The three-year-old was locked up alone in a small bedroom. His bed was broken and covered in faeces, he had no light, and he was sleeping on a pile of rags in a corner. The two girls were found in another room. Both were seriously underweight. The year-old twins looked like bags of bones. Their cots were soaked in urine."


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