palying my cards correct!


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Hey eveyone, I am in abslout disbelief about this woman I meet yesterday! Damn she has an ass just like the girl in my avatar! Seeing her walk is fucking amazing, the ass just jiggles and jiggles! Now I want to hit this peice of ass bad man, I can't wait to see what it looks like from behind, with all my glory in it! O.K enough of the hype.

She came on real strong at first when wet met over the internet! We exchanged pics and phone numbers! This was 2 days ago. Yesterday she caught me online again and said she was going to be at a local mall and wanted to meet me there for like 15 mins or so! So I was in the area anyway so I said what the hay! I got there and when I saw here I was like damn! So we sat and chated for about 10 mins, then she wanted me to go to a few stores with her, this is the first time I saw her booty! I could'nt stop looking man! She looked at me and said I bet you feel real akward right about now! I was like yeah I'm feeling a little nervous! Anyway it was a cool quick 30 mins then she had to go. We shook hands and she left. Since then I can't stop thinking about this chick. She has a good job, owns a home, a nice ride, and is sexy as hell! She knows I have a girlfriend, but she did not care.

Basically I neve really got any sigs of rapport from her. But who knows I might have been paying to much attention to the ass and not her signals! I was fucking my girlfriend last night after I met the hot chick, and I found myself thinking about this chicks ass. Oppps...good thing my girlfriend can't read my mind! I purposley started an arguemant with my girlfriend last night!
Now my next step is to set up a date with her, I want it to happen this weekend but it might be too soon. So I gotta call her soon while not trying to come off as desprate. I'll call her friday and set up the date for that night or sat night! I'll keep everybody posted on what happens, and how I got to spank that ass or how I got shot down! Wish me luck fellas!


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pUNKY said:
its your choice but is this one shag really worth your relationship with ya GF?

My relationship is going downhill, and has been for awhile man. I have done my best to try to work things out, its just not working. Its been 2 years + of emotional rollercoasters on her part. I can't take the bullshit anymore. When I met this girl, I was thinking about how I need to be free from relationships.
I want my freedom to do whatever, whenever, and with whomever, without haveing to explain evey fuckin little thing and getting calls everytime I go out with my boys asking me what I'm doing who am I with, man if I wanted that shit I'd go live with my mom. A shag is exactaly what I need to get my mind right, and stand up and be free again. Are relationship is through, anyways its just a matter of time before it would happen, shag or no shag.

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