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I just moved on to phase 2 yesterday. combine with my usual exercices to fix my small curve.. it was QUITE intense and my dick felt like it was twice the size after i was done with the workout.. I woke up this morning and it was still really huge girth-wise compared to usual...

So all day i was looking foward to doing this workout again tonight, but when i got erect and started the workout i got a sharp pain on the right side( the side of my curve) and i could not do go on for more than a minute. It felt like this pain you get in your muscles the day after you did a very rough workout. This is good when you workout, but my penis isn't a muscle and i don't think that feeling is normal.. When i'm flaccid it's fine, it's when i'm erect that it hurt as hell if i try to do any jelquin or stretching , no matter how soft.

Has anyone else experience that kind of pain? Could it be a sign that my curve fixing exercices paid off and that the cells are still healing?


i'm also fixing my curve but i've never encountered pain like this before. only tiny skin bruises. perhaps it's a sign that you went to far with your dick and cause you forced it to bend yo the other direction.
my advice would be to give it a rest.

my Penis Enlargement schedule as follows:
monday: Penis Enlargement
tuesday: Penis Enlargement
wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Penis Enlargement
Friday: Penis Enlargement
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest

some guys can do it every day with no rest, but i think you should give it a couple of days rest.

I would take the next week off and see if it heals up. Pain is never a good thing in Penis Enlargement. Soreness and lig burn are ok, but sharp pain is never a good thing.

It sounds like you overdid it a little bit, so next time try to take it a little bit easier. Just remember, you have the rest of your life to do Penis Enlargement but you only have one dick.


Intense girth workouts unlike stretches require time to heal. Give it a day or so and try again. If you still have pain take another day off. Once you have a pain free startup, go at it with a little less intensity and work back into it. A second factor is that you are still new at Penis Enlargement, it takes a little time to get used to more intense, more frequent workouts.


Cool, keep up the good work. Soon the curve will be gone. Mine took about 4 months to correct. Good luck!

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