overworking the pc


How do you know when you over work your pc muscle. If you do how many days should you take off. I think I over worked mine. I can feel its not as strong. I feel that maybe 3-5 days off would be the best idea, and to not do pe as well. Any thoughts or knowledge about this.


I don't think you need to lay off Penis Enlargement if you overwork your PC muscle. If anything you would be better off stretching during this time IMO as there would be less resistance from the muscle creating a better/longer stretch . Just minimise your PC routine for a couple of days until you can tell it's back in proper working order, one or two days should suffice.


msustud,I agree with mazdab8r, no need to take that many days off unless you think yo need a total break from Penis Enlargement, otherwise 1 or 2 days off should do to rest the b/c muscle if you have overworked it.

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