I think it was REDZULU2003 that said you can "over-work" your Penis Enlargement.

I am beginning to think this is true. I was going strong for over a month...really working it. And then in the last week, my work out sessions have sucked. I do not get much blood flow going to penis and it just does not look that healthy. The main blood flow lately seems to be only in the morning when I get the morning wood.

I am wondering if I should just take a week or two off and then go back at it.

Any thoughts on this.

The only other thing I can think of is about the same time this all occured, I began taking Xenadrine EFX (effedrine free) to loose a little weight. It was the first day that I noticed a little less blood flow. I immediately stopped taking the stuff after the first day, and still a week later I just don't have the blood flow I used to.

So its either the Xenadrine needing to flush out of my system or I just need some rest or both. I did two days ago have one good session, but it came after a long period of stretching and little lubrication. But just has not been the same as a few weeks ago. I am used to having long sessions with some great blood flow.

Any suggestions comments?


the Xenadrine EFX may have had something to do with it, also the mind can play a role in it too. I go through bouts of poor times like most others. I continue on anyway. Some exercise is better than none at all. You can try taking a rest period and see what happens. Try using a visual stimulus during exercises too.


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just like in bodybuilding, You can overwork in Penis Enlargement.
The reason IMO is the same :genetics. One person may get the best results from working everyday, while others may require 3-4 ( or maybe only 1) workout per week.

I understand DLD works out everyday and it has been very effective. I believe when it comes to Penis Enlargement he is a genetic freak. I also think doing it everydaymay be beneficial not for the physical, but rather the psychological aspects. People do better on a set routine. Break the routine,and they may go compltely off track.

Since I get the best bodybuilding results off a Mie Mentzer routine, I originally planned to do that with Penis Enlargement. however, the penis is different than the rest of the body in how it responds. I think once or twice a weekis not sufficient stimulus.

My plan right now is a 4 On/3 off routine.
To grow, you need 2 things, Sufficient Stimulus and Sufficient Recovery. Not enough of either will provide less than optimal results.

When I was doing Penis Enlargement everyday,my unit was very beatup. I did not see any improvement. After 2 days rest, it was noticeably bigger. You do not grow during exercise. you grow during recovery. That is a fact.

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