Jun 3, 2003
Hello all. I guess it's time for me to come out of the shadows and get on the road to a bigger penis. At the moment I'm roughly 7.4 BPenis EnlargementL and 5 EG. Been at Penis Enlargement for about a year off and on with very little gains - Maybe 1/4 BP length and 1/4 girth. Looking back at my routines over the past year I do not believe i gave any routine enough time to show any results and would fall the famous "demotivated" stage and stop Penis Enlargement'in for a couple weeks and try something else. The past couple weeks I pretty much started over and started a newbie routine which consists of:

5-10 Min Hot Wrap
10 min Stretches / DLD 110 Pulse Stretch mix
10-15 Min Jelq
10 Min Stretches / DLD 110 Pulse Stretch mix
Wash off in Warm Water
Sometimes do some edging

One other thing that i added which SLICEDBEEF Mentioned was Manual Stretching at different times during the Day. When i would wake up i would do 15 min DLD 110 Pulse Stretch , Midday i would do the same as morning, and at night i would do my actual routine. And to be honest i think it's working. I'm actually able to pull my flaccid stretch above my belly button (which i wasnt able to do before) and i have noticed a small increase in EG. I have not been able to get in much Penis Enlargement over the last week (mainly due to privacy issues) but the girth seems to still be there. I'll probably measure in a couple months when i can keep my program consistent. I don't wanna measure now because I don't wanna get discouraged if my EL hasn't changed.

One thing I was interested about was the Infrared heat theory. I went to home depot to buy the 250 watt bulb (which for some reason i thought it would be the same as a standard size bulb). What kinda basic lamp could I buy that would support 250 Watts?? I didn't stay to buy it because i didn't have enough time.


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Dec 5, 2003
Go to ebay and look up heat lamps, there is a basic one I bough for $25.00
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