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Well just this morning i was jelqing and I did it too hard! well the end result was a nasty red spot on the left bottom of the shaft, it's about 3/4 the size of a dime. Anybody know what happened? How long should I take a break for from jelqing (if any?)

Thanks guys
well DD does it hurt ?.....if not then i think you are ok .....so i would say do plenty of hot wraps like every 3-4 hrs and do some massage to your penis and drink lots and lots of water .....as far as what happened ..you are going to get red spots while you Penis Enlargement .....on your shaft ...on your head ... i dont think there is any thing you can do to avoid it ..as you are working with the blood flow .....hope this helps some .....


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Good news, it's gone now after only 2 days, yes I took 2 days off of jelqing, but i still streched out. and it did hurt, but only when i touched it, so i would say no it didn't hurt :) QUIT TOUCHING IT DUMMY -.-

thanks for the help though


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I've been getting spots like a madman lately with so many Horse's and Base Squeezes I've been doing, makin my dick ugly (for now), but who cares, I'm the only one seeing it (for now). :p

Ive received some of the dots but so far id describe them as speckles really cause theyre that small.I skipped one day of P.E and i think im going to continue today as i never had pain from them or anything but wanted to play it safe.I do have one larger spot i noticed but no where near dime sized and no pain either.Should be ok to continue right?

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