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I'm looking fior message boards like this one but only for women. My wife is kind of jealous of me watching this one and I would like to find one for her. help me out guys.


Penis enlargement for women? Nope, I don't think they have those. lol

What kind of forums do you mean? I think ladylove was going to a breast enlargement forum, but I'm not sure about that.
Can you be more clear on this....
thedaywalker said:
I'm looking for message boards like this one but only for women.
You mean a board for female insecurities and how
to do something about it? I can't imagine a women only, Pe board.


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I'm writing a screenplay for "the Penis Enlargement Wives Club"


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shemales he means. Or them freaks with fannys and dicks ... all they do when dey wonna shag is tuck the cock up there cunt, like a lazy ass type move and bounce up and down on it till they are wet.


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Im also organising "The Original Kings of Penis Enlargement" Comedy Tour.
You guys should audition for MadTV!!! Naw I'm just looking for a message board where women post pics of men and talk about them. I mean there has got to be some out there. She likes the whole idea of the message board but she doesn't want to look at women. I have been searching but haven't found anything yet.

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