OT community service message


May 18, 2004
I just joined this forum and I'm still figuring my way around here and decided to peruse (does anybody really say peruse anymore) OK check out some of the porn links. Well did I ever get a surprise. No not the pics, I'm talking about a Sh*tload of adware. D*mn! I picked up no less than ten of those tenacious bastards.

SO A LITTLE ADVICE: Don't visit the porn sites unless you have decent virus software and a good spyware killer too.

Understand that it wasn't anyone here in the forum responsible for this carnage, but the sites that a link takes you to is full of them.

ANOTHER WORD OF ADVICE: Invest in a decent firewall. Software at least, hardware if you can afford it.

And while I'm raving let me tell you another little story. I was looking for a decent virus software and happened upon McAffee's site. When the site loaded they tried to DL a spyware file called doubleclick onto my system, thats right I said TRIED....AND FAILED. But then the muffins have the nerve to offer you a free scan of your computer to check for adware and spyware!!!
They load it onto your system and then offer to take it off...for a fee of course.

Anyhow enough ranting, just wanted you to know that if you have been surfing the porn sites, you've got these exe and dll files on your system that are sucking up your systems resources, it's well worth it to invest in the software to get rid of them.

The following is a list of the files I picked up. if you run a search and find any of these files DELETE THEM IMMEDIATELY. That is unless you like to see those pop up ads selling you everything under the sun.

Here are the files: (they may not be in the exact same location on your computer but if you find them anywhere on your comp, feel free to delete them)

C:\Program Files\Common Files\updater\sui.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\updater\delupdat.exe
C:\Windows\System32\AT Partners.dll
C:\System Voloume Information\_restore{XXXXXXseries of numbers.exe
C:\Program Files\Incredifind\BHO\IncFindBHO.dll
C:\Program Files\Incredifind\BHO\Tipb.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\updates\wupdater.exe

Well if you bothered to read this far then good luck to you. If your on BB or Cable consider the advice above seriously. I keep my computer clean and it always works when I need it to.

OK thats the end of this community service message, now get back to Penis Enlargementing.

Feb 2, 2004
The stuff that really get's all that on there is the d/l's. *.exe's and such cannot get on your system unless you permit a d/l that is disguised or has that bundled with that (e.g. Kazaa).

Just to pitch in a good free firewall can be had at:

ZoneAlarm free version.

Also to remove spyware already on the system go to http://www.download.com/
and lookup Spybot - Search & Destroy and Ad Aware 6. You'll want both to make your computer totally clean!

Good points Lz!


Jun 23, 2003
Ad Aware ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! I use IEGuard for popups, cookies and to delete my tracks and all unwanted oddities. Oh and Norton Anti virus.