on the brink of joining and got questions


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Nov 13, 2003
O.k how's everyone i am thinking strongly about joining, but i have few questions. i have done pe previously for about six months and saw about a .75 gain in lenth and about a .45 in girth(not the best). i am interested in gain just about a 1'' or 1.5'' in length and about the same in girth. i dont have the most time to dedicate to this but i will dedicate the time i do have for it. i just want to know is six months enough time to get the 1.5''x 1.5'' gain possible with the world famous dLd. i have been off pe for about 7 months so do i have to start out as a begginer also.


Jun 29, 2003
Welcome pleas'ville, your goals are within reach, within your time frame may not be. Each person is different. Some gain fast, others slow. Time will be a big determining factor. It takes dedication and hard work and time to get there. Good luck....
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