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Dec 16, 2009
hey, those who go on this site frequently probably have realised I've been posting a bit on this forum haha *rolls eyes*, so let me introduce myself

I'm onlyhuman3, and I just turned 18 on the 17th =], so been 18 for 4 days now, My size length ways is about 6.1" and i don't know how to measure girth without measuring tape haha. I'm here as I nearly committed suicide (long story, I'm not emo =P), and i realised I'm going to make the most of my life, so i started parkour/free running, excelled in college, and started weight training, i'm starting to get a bigger body, and i want a bigger penis and better in all aspects in personality, sexually, and physically. I'm very self conscious as well as I've had 16 years without compliments, my first compliment was from my first serious relationship haha, i bet you all remember your first loves...

Well...I started Penis Enlargement a year ago, but i stopped after a month or so for no reason whatsoever, i seemed to get some gains from it, i think before Penis Enlargement, i was 5.7", so i gained 0.4" within that month permanently i hope, it seems to have been, but i've been told if you stop and start again, your penis will have been used to the techniques, i only used to jelq before, and now i'm stretching , jelquing with a hand on the base, and doing those whaleman stretch things (cant seem to find them again, but i remember how to do them), i'm going to start the newbie routine after conditioning my penis a bit.

i want to know, will i still get gains even if i started a year ago? and a little info about this intensity thing, i wasn't doing it that hard last time, as it hurt and i was worried about my safety, should i just go for it? like slowly increase tension?
Jun 28, 2008
you can always make gains as long as you use the right amount of intensity. plus, you said you stopped which can be looked at as a deconditioning period.
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