On and off p.e

Jul 31, 2003
"On and off p.e"
i'v been doing p.e for a while now on and off i'm 18 i havn't seen any results yet but i live in hope.

bpel= 17-20 cms(depeninding how hard u push) lol)
eg=13 cms mid shaft

my current routine countains stretches and dry jelqs i don't set amount to do a day usually as much as possible. i vary the type of jelqs between holding for 20 secs to just doing them very quick i always do jelqs with a kegel dunno why it's just a habbit.
more important though is do u wreckon i'll gain i'v been reading all this stuff about how p.e. don't work and it's denting my motivation any help with routines or how much people think i'll gain will be most appriciated and if any of the mods wanna take me on as an apprentice than please do.
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