Oh the Dilemna!



"Back in the day" when I was "only" 5" girth, I used to love anal sex with women because it was usually tighter than vaginal sex. Now, I'm at 6" of girth...anal sex is harder to get....NOT happening with current g/f/....BUT, vaginal sex is almost always tight now. :D. SIGH!!


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Man, you got the worst luck, bro! Must be born under a bad sign. Heh heh.

By the way, isn't an anus only tight at the very opening? Once you're "in there" it's like outer space or some shit. Did I just say shit? Ut oh!!

I only fucked a girl up her ass once, and it was nuthin' to write home about. Pussy rules. I ain't against some ass-lickin' though. Maybe this should be in another forum? Eh, whatever.
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You poor thing...I believe we should start a support group for people who are going through anal sex withdrawals as a result of their newly achieved girth. :s


I am an anal lover, and have always been 6" girth. I find many younger girls are very hesitant, but the 30 and over hardly ever balk. I have never run across an ass I couldn't wiggle my way into once she agreed, and I have rarely met one that couldn't be convinced.

Get this book: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/sim-explorer/explore-items/-/1573440280/0/101/1/none/purchase/ref=pd_sxp_r0/103-0851763-1256622 It will give you all the knowledge, techniques, and information you will ever need to get a girl to spread her cheeks. And if she is still hesitant, let her read the book. She won't be hesitant any more!

I have tremendous respect for your abilities Still, I am sure we will be reading about an anal invasion at your place soon!

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