Officer of the year allegedly blows brains out


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Jun 3, 2003
Officer of the year allegedly blows brains out
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"It had all seemed so serene on the surface for Cpl. Jim Jones, Williams' Police Officer of the Year in 2001... But Jones, 33, had a big secret that finally came to light earlier this year within the Police Department: He became addicted to prescription drugs while seeking help trying to fall asleep at night, Police Chief Frank Manson said. After a relapse late last week, Jones got in his police vehicle, drove to the isolated, scrub piñon country outside the city, and left a calm, emotionally even message on Manson's telephone recorder about the 'failure' he had been in life, officials said. Jones gave Manson precise directions to the area from which he was calling. He hung up the phone and shot himself to death with his police-issued handgun."