October is National Orgasm Month!



IRVINE, Calif. - Erotic University has declared October as – drumroll, please – National Orgasm Month, and will host two bids to set world records for orgasms.

"October," says university president Jeff Booth, "is the only month with a big O in it." And the leaders of the two record-breaking bids are teaching orgasm-related classes at Erotic U during National Orgasm Month.

Attempt number one will be Ken X, also known as Professor Pleasure, who plans to stage the world's largest simultaneous orgasm to promote A Girl's Best Friend, his latest self-hypnosis pleasure compact disc. For his attempt, Ken X. will teach female volunteers his "touchless orgasm" technique, Erotic University says, aiming to give them "such a level of control of their sexual enjoyment that they will be able to climax on cue."

Attempt number two will involve several participants – including Dr. O., whose techniques teach women to achieve multiple orgasms – trying to beat the standing sequential orgasm record, 134. Those were recorded, Erotic University says, by Drs. William Hartman and Marilyn Fithian at the Center for Marital and Sexual Studies in Long Beach, California.

"We wanted to celebrate orgasm in one way or another," Booth told AVN Online about the two events and National Orgasm Month. "And we were having discussions and this just sort of all came together. It came as a flash and it made sense."

Fifteen women at this writing have volunteered to take part in the simultaneous orgasm attempt, while three so far have volunteered to take part in the sequential orgasm attempt, Booth said. Both events will take place Sunday, October 19, one of Erotic University's Pleasure Sundays.

The events will be open to the public along with exhibits and vendors, entertainment, product demonstrations, and a number of "top experts on (orgasm) including several notable Ph.D.'s," in addition to Erotic University instructors and adult entertainers.

There will also be a tour of the 30,000 square foot facility housing Entertainum Studios, called the largest adult studio in the world and the location used by several top adult film and video producers, Erotic University says.

Other forthcoming Erotic University classes will include Swinging 101, Introduction to Tantra, What Really Happened in the Garden of Eden, Sex Toys Master Class, Mastering Fellatio, Pole Dancing, and the Robert Dante series on bondage and discipline, Erotic University says.

Booth said there would be more Pleasure Sunday events forthcoming over the next several months, but he said the themes had yet to be decided.
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