Nut Controll?...


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is their anybody that can help in this area?....i have this problem and i hate it!...ahh!! their any cure medical wise for this yet?.....or will their be in the future?.....thanks to anyone that can help !!


Kegals, Kegaks, Kegals and Jelqing. Kegals strengthen the b/c muscle and jelqing helps desensitise you in the beginning. You learn as time goes to control it.


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do u mind explaining what kegaks are? and arent kegals where u move the muscle in ur dick that makes it move when its hard without havin to touch it? lol....thanks for your help


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Kegaks was a typo for sure =)

And yes that is your PC muscle.. you can also find it by stopping the flow of urine when you go to the bathroom.

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